Exercise Rehabilitation Software

An Extensive Collection Of Rehab Exercises

We’ve worked with MSK Podiatrists to cover exercises for all podiatry-related conditions which are treatable with the prescription of exercise. The easy-to-use website means you just search the name of an exercise (or the problem area) and add it to your proposed rehab plan, maximising your time management.

  • Easy to use
  • Template programmes
  • Patient print outs
  • Website integration

Free trial included for members

Print Material For Your Patients

For patients who prefer to follow a hardcopy, we have easy-to-follow printout guides. With various layout options to choose from fulfilling any patient requirement.

Technology That Keeps Your Patients Motivated

Your patients can access their treatment plan and rehab instruction videos whenever and wherever, increasing their motivation and likelihood of compliance. Practitioners can check in on progress and pain levels in an instant. An excellent addition to patient care and management for any clinic.

Make Plans Quickly And Easily

The PedSol program builder means you can create rehab plans for patients quicker than ever before, freeing up vital time. Have full control and pick every aspect of your patient’s plan or simply choose from pre-existing templates based on common conditions found in podiatry clinics. It’s that simple.