CPD logging made easy


Documenting and organising CPD can be a hassle and being called for audit can cause concern about providing the required evidence. Tracking what you have completed can be a challenge for yourself and the rest of the team. Take the stress away by recording and evidencing your CPD log here.

Peace of mind at last

It can be difficult to keep track of CPD hours and ensuring that you're doing the right time at the right time. Solve these problems by logging CPD as you go in one place. One less thing to worry about.

The benefits start here

Maximum impact for your development

Effortlessly orgnaised
  • Save time and effort
  • Have confidence in what you have documented
  • Shape your future learning
  • Keep yourself and the team fully engaged 
  • Remove stress at the time of audit
  • Monthly Progress

    Monitor your development with a graphical representation of your recent uploads
  • Exportable reports

    Called for audit? No problem. A one click solution to exporting your log.
  • Collate evidence

    Add any supporting evidence alongside your CPD as well as your reflections. Safe, secure and convenient.

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Osgo was created by private practitioners who fully understand the value of having peace of mind and meeting the standards to deliver the very best care for our patients.

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  • Dynamic planning
  • Engage the whole team
  • Save time and stress
  • Check your progress