Virtual Head Office

No more losing certificates or registrations.
Everything just where you need it, when you need it, and in a place you need it.

Secure online storage for your important documents

Keep all of your certificates and important documents relating to your practice right here. A digital version will be stored for your reference. No more searching for your last autoclave service date, practice insurance renewal or fire alarmservice certificate. When these jobs get done, simply email Osgo a copy of any certificate and we will store a digital version for you. Your head office will then display the date your renewal is due and we can supply you with a copy of your certificate whenever you need. We can even schedule a reminder or notification for you before its due.

Lean on Osgo, a better future for private practice.

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How it works
Send us a copy of your latest certificates relating to your practice and we will store them digitally and make sure your online office displays their status.

  • Scan, pdf, or photograph with your smartphone
  • Post in photocopies
  • Request digital copy whenever you need
  • Request reminders
  • Request automatic quotes from Osgo deals