University of Plymouth Apprenticeship Scheme

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We are working with the University of Plymouth to help bridge the skills gap and match apprentices with experienced practitioners.
This is an opportunity to develop your mentoring skills while supporting your apprentice through their degree.
The university will partner closely with both the apprentice and the clinical educator to make sure the partnership works.

What are the benefits?

  • Meet the skill needs of your organisation: Learning at work means the apprentice is able to develop the knowledge and occupational competencies demanded by specific job roles.
  • Increases your effectiveness and efficiency: Apprentices can support keeping your organisation up to date with the latest evidence-based research.
  • Support existing staff: you can develop your existing staff by supporting them to undertake a Degree Apprenticeship.

What support is there from the university?

  • The academic tutor: is a subject-specific tutor who will set assignments, deliver the teaching and learning using webinars, discussion boards, seminars and provide tutorials.
  • The review officer: Undertakes the tripartite review and manages the employer relationship.