Original Dual Medium

Full Length Dual Density Formthotics, where control and comfort are key.

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Dispense a customised device at the chairside with Formthotics.

Dual density gives the benefit of good control with a softer cover to increase patient compliance. This is a very popular choice where there is adequate room in the shoe and the clinician wants to achieve control and comfort.

Formthotics™ are heat moulded to your foot for a truly customised fit, better support and control.

Thermoforming optimises the performance of Formthotics™ creating a close, personalised fit between the foot and footwear.

Formthotics™ can be thermoformed any number of times and will retain their new shape (even after intense use and re-heating) to ensure lasting total support.

The Formthotics™ arch support is assisted by a unique teardrop shape milled into the foam on the underneath side of Formthotics™. Milling the material from the outside (lateral) edge enhances support on the inside (medial) edge.

Formthotics are medical devices to be dispensed by clinicians.


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