Podium Diabetic Foot Monitor & App

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What are the key features?

The Podium™ diabetic foot monitor & app provides diabetics with a daily image and thermal pattern of the soles of their feet. The images & daily assessment sheet can be shared with their podiatrist. The Podium aims to identify potential issues early to help minimise the occurrences of diabetic foot issues.

As a podiatrists the Podium devices offers a client dashboard displaying the latest patient results & alerts, you can take a foot scan of diabetes patients as part of the podiatry service. From the app individuals can search for local Podiatrists and request appointments. The portal allows you to accept a pairing request from any patients in your location.

What will it cost?

Launch pricing available. Please download the voucher and our partners will contact you directly.

How can I get it?

If you’d like to access this offer, simply add the deal to your basket and checkout – we’ll do the rest! We’ll get our partners to call you directly to answer any questions you might have and see how they might be able to help.


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