Custom Made Orthotic from TalarMade powered by DOLA

TalarMade custom devices are designed to the practitioner’s specification, with a variety of additions available to meet clinical requirements.

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Custom Made Orthotics – TalarMade powered by DOLA

The team at TalarMade Custom, powered by DOLA, have worked diligently to ensure their customised (modular) and full custom offering provides clinicians with the highest quality devices to maximise patients outcomes. On-line resources, technology and support are available to assist you in prescribing exceptional foot orthoses for your patients that are right first time and every time.

What are the benefits?

  • Direct Milled Polypropylene, Direct Milled EVA, D-carbon and 3D Printed custom foot orthotics
  • Casts, Foam Impressions and Digital Scans accepted
  • 100% digital orthotic design
  • Cost effective orthotics solution
  • Simple & easy 5 step process to order
  • Highly skilled technicians
  • Delivered within 10 working days

How much will it cost?

Please email the Osgo team at to enquire about pricing.

How do I access this?

Download the new account form, complete and sign and send back to the Osgo team at and a starter pack of impression boxes and a prescription pad will be sent out to you.



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