Bespoke EVA & PU Devices

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Custom Made EVA and PU Orthotics – SALTS Manufactured

We recognise that clinical accuracy and patient compliance is the key to effective orthotic management. Our full in-house design facility, together with the extensive knowledge of our highly skilled technicians, enables us to offer a custom-made orthotic service to practitioners and meet their clients individual needs.

Our bespoke insoles are designed to the practitioner’s specification, with a variety of additions available to meet clinical requirements.

What are the key features of an EVA Orthotic?


Low – 25/30% Cushioning affect, shock attenuation
Medium – 40% Regular use
High – 60/70% Maximum support

Dual Combinations

Medium/Low 50/30% Allows for individual control
High/Medium 70/50% of the heel and forefoot


Full length EVA device
¾ length EVA device
Dual density full length EVA device
Dual density ¾ length EVA device


Full length total contact insole

What are the key features of a PU Orthotic?


Full length polyurethane device
Full length polyurethane total contact insole
¾ length polyurethane device

What are the benefits?

  • The manufacturing process uses modern CAD-CAM technology to produce a high quality, precise product to meet any specification you may require.
  • Unique features to match the client’s needs and requirements
  • Highly skilled technicians
  • 5 working day turn around time for account holders
  • Free postage and packaging

How much will it cost?

£65.00+VAT for a custom made EVA / Polypropylene Device.

£87.50+VAT for a custom made PU device.

Components (each)
Top / Base Covers – per layer of material £3.80
Trilaminate top cover or X2 covered £6.00
Fore foot extensions – toes or sulcus £3.50
Pre made padding – includes all standard pads £3.50
Bespoke padding – includes all standard pads £6.00
Fore / Rear foot posts in EVA £5.00
Loose heel raises £3.50
Cobra shell cut out £5.00
Heel plug-low density EVA and protective strike plate £6.00
Sulcus and FnHL posts – 3mm medium density EVA plus top cover £8.00
Silicone pads and in-fills £7.50
Heel skives FOC
Heel raises – where a rear foot post is already part of the device FOC
Positive Model Correction – arch fills etc FOC
Shell modification – cut outs etc not including cobra cut FOC

How do I access this?

Download the deal voucher and the Osgo team will send through an account form for you to complete in order for you to set up an account with SALTS Techstep. Once the account is set up you will receive your FREE starter pack which includes five foam impression boxes, a prescription pad and postage boxes – everything you need to start supplying bespoke devices.


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