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Contact Osgo and we will send you either a digital copy of your recorded CPD activity and any supporting evidence.

Convenient online log of your professional developments

A convenient easy to use CPD log where you can keep a record of your CPD activities and attach any supporting evidence to your entry. Easy to fill in field forms make sure you can capture your activity soon after completing it and you can reflect and amend your records when you need. Keeping a live CPD log will help you meet your requirements and having it stored in your dashboard makes for easy access.

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How it works
A CPD log must work for you. We’ve made it simple online or simple over the phone.


  • Log in to your Osgo account
  • Submit your activity and write your reflection
  • Attach any evidence
  • Send it to Osgo and the team will update your log
  • Your log will be available to download through the dashboard

Over the phone

  • Give Osgo a call
  • Tell us about your CPD activity
  • Osgo will complete your log
  • You can review your log at your convenience