The image and brand of podiatry has no greater advocate than the professionals themselves and their pride in their profession.

What is CPD? The term CPD stands for continuing personal development and is a requirement for all HCPC registered clinicians. CPD ensures that you continue to learn throughout your career, keeping your skills and knowledge up to date. It also reinforces that you are practicing safely, and keeping up to date with new practices. CPD … Continued

What is a workflow?  A workflow is the process of what happens to make something undone, done. It’s the process of the flow of information, or the physical things that need to happen to complete a task.  Some workflows are rigid, where there is one agreed path of activities that need to happen, often these … Continued

Stress at Work

What is stress? Stress is a physical human response to the body feeling that it is under attack or threatened, usually in situations that are out of the persons control or in situation that a person doesn’t feel they can manage. Stress can be experienced in many different ways, as an individual, stress can be … Continued

We’re finally getting over the whirlwind of excitement that National Feet Week always brings and wanted to thank you for your support throughout the week and give you some highlights into our most successful National Feet Week to date. Podiatrists from across the UK (and beyond!) helped to grow awareness throughout the week, and we … Continued

Groceries and the Mystical World of Systems. Ok, that’s a bit of a weird title but hang in there. When you put away your groceries, you’re putting away tens of items that all have a “place”. Some things go in the fridge, some go in cupboards – specific cupboards that have a specific job. That’s … Continued

“Professional and occupational burnout is a recognized syndrome among healthcare professionals, although the point at which burnout begins is unclear. There is a dearth of research investigating burnout and occupational stress in relation to podiatric medicine, although two recent studies have reported high levels of burnout expressed by podiatric medical practitioners. A study was undertaken … Continued


You might have seen PedSol, our new partnership with Physiotec, go live recently. We’re keen to explain what it’s all about and reveal a bit more about the roadmap we have planned for the product. We’ve been in touch with Physiotec for a while now to explore what could be changed to help Rehab software … Continued

Osgo are delighted to announce that we have been working with Dermatonics. Dermatonics are a well established British company and have been developing innovative skincare products for over a decade. We have been in discussions with their fantastic team for some time now and are thrilled to offer their carefully formulated range to all of our … Continued

Next Step

The Osgo Team is delighted to introduce our new initiative, Next Step which is a video magazine all about the world of podiatry.   Each month we will feature a practitioner/clinic to tell their story along with other areas of the industry, such as business and education to encourage and motivate our profession. We’ve had great fun … Continued

National Feet Week

National Feet Week is an Osgo initiative to promote the importance of foot health to the general public.  If you had a toothache, you’d visit the dentist, if you had trouble with your vision then you would visit an optician. What about your feet? Many people ignore common foot complaints rather than going to see an expert. National Feet … Continued