The image and brand of podiatry has no greater advocate than the professionals themselves and their pride in their profession.

“Professional and occupational burnout is a recognized syndrome among healthcare professionals, although the point at which burnout begins is unclear. There is a dearth of research investigating burnout and occupational stress in relation to podiatric medicine, although two recent studies have reported high levels of burnout expressed by podiatric medical practitioners. A study was undertaken … Continued


You might have seen PedSol, our new partnership with Physiotec, go live recently. We’re keen to explain what it’s all about and reveal a bit more about the roadmap we have planned for the product. We’ve been in touch with Physiotec for a while now to explore what could be changed to help Rehab software … Continued

Osgo are delighted to announce that we have been working with Dermatonics. Dermatonics are a well established British company and have been developing innovative skincare products for over a decade. We have been in discussions with their fantastic team for some time now and are thrilled to offer their carefully formulated range to all of our … Continued

Next Step

The Osgo Team is delighted to introduce our new initiative, Next Step which is a video magazine all about the world of podiatry.   Each month we will feature a practitioner/clinic to tell their story along with other areas of the industry, such as business and education to encourage and motivate our profession. We’ve had great fun … Continued

National Feet Week

National Feet Week is an Osgo initiative to promote the importance of foot health to the general public.  If you had a toothache, you’d visit the dentist, if you had trouble with your vision then you would visit an optician. What about your feet? Many people ignore common foot complaints rather than going to see an expert. National Feet … Continued

We’re happy to announce that the Foot and Ankle Show Mobile Application is now available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Download the one-stop stop for everything you’ll need during the conference. Book hotels, see our speaker list and check out the schedule. There’ll be opportunities to network revealed closer to the date, as … Continued

As most of you will know, Osgo has had rapid growth and as such has been able to bring a constant supply of new deals and services for our valued members. The magic ingredient to its success is the value it returns to its members and it should always seek to deliver the most value … Continued

A Determinable Future

The future of podiatry is uncertain, it’s a phrase we hear currently, alongside the identity of being an at risk profession. Podiatry is not alone in having an uncertain future, most industries have an uncertain future in this rapidly changing world due to changes in global economics/ politics and technology. Massive change is inevitable for … Continued


Certainty Seeking certainty guides us in so many aspects of our lives, personally and professionally. The world can be a confusing place, and to help us stay safe and achieve the things we want we will be guided by those things which are certain. Through childhood we develop an understanding of our certainties, and we … Continued