GDPR – What it Means for Your Podiatry Practice Part 1

GDPR – What it Means for Your Podiatry Practice Part 1

The law will change on the 25th May 2018, irrespective of BREXIT. GDPR applies to personal data and you must ensure that your practice has appropriate levels of security to reduce the harm from any breaches in the way that data is obtained, processed or stored. 

GDPR stands for the general data protection regulation and is the new European legal framework for the protection of personal data. The law has been designed to address inconsistent data protection laws that exist through EU member states.

As a small business it can be quite difficult to react to changes such as GDPR because it isn’t always clear what you need to do for your own circumstances. Osgo has developed a toolkit which can help you to become compliant and stay compliant with the new legislation. There are many features of a podiatry practice that are different to the average small business when we consider personal data storage and this toolkit has been designed to help you look at these features when assessing your compliance.

The document is available to download for free for all members and is in a template format additionally so that you may amend or delete any of the variables to suit the way that you run your practice, There are many myths surrounding GDPR. This document spells out some of the facts that will apply to us as private podiatry practice owners.

The initial step is to produce a data map for your private podiatry practice which allows you to see the types of data you hold, the legal basis for holding it and the categories of person it applies to. Once you have this map, you can then identify any areas where you don’t comply and you must take remedial action. Non compliance with the guidelines can result in very large fines.

Osgo Toolkit – GDPR, Get your practice ready Guidance Part 1 and template can be found here, and the template associated with this document can be found here.

Part 2 of the Osgo toolkit on GDPR for private podiatry practices will be released shortly.