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How To Apply The Six Pillars of Marketing To Grow Your Podiatry Business

Liverpool | 10th October 2019

2019-10-10 09:00

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How To Apply The Six Pillars of Marketing To Grow Your Podiatry Business will be led by Podiatrist, Businessman, Author and Mentor Tyson Franklin. Here he tells us what to expect from this course.

If you want to have a successful podiatry business with a constant flow of new patients, you need to have a marketing strategy that works, not merely more marketing tactics. 

Don’t get me wrong, marketing tactics are essential, but tactics without a long-term, well thought out strategy will only give you short-term results, and this is not how you build and scale a successful podiatry business.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tired of receiving emails about another tactic that helped Rob the Podiatrist increase his turnover by 214% by using one email campaign. Seriously, how bad was Rob’s business, to begin with?

Thirty Years Experience
Over the past thirty years, I have consumed thousands of hours of marketing information from reading books, listening to audio-recordings and attending conferences and workshops.

In 2014, I decided to write my first book; It’s No Secret…There’s Money In Podiatry. I began taking all this marketing knowledge and place it neatly into what I referred to as pillars, and when I was complete, I had developed six of them and so was born The Six Pillars of Marketing.

Marketing Pillar Revamp
In 2017, I wrote my second book; It’s No Secret…There’s Money In Small Business, and The Six Pillars of Marketing received a revamp, which was needed because a lot had changed between 2014 and 2017, not just with online marketing, but also my thinking towards the importance of each marketing pillar.

In my first book, I said all six marketing pillars were equal, but in my second book, my thinking changed. Pillar number six, online marketing was far more critical than the other five marketing pillars.

Use All Six Marketing Pillars
I’m currently in the process of writing my third book, How To Apply The Six Pillars of Marketing To Grow Your Practice and the reason I have decided to write this book is that I honestly believe every business should be using all Six Pillars of Marketing.

What I have noticed though, is most businesses only use one, two or three of them, rarely are they using all six pillars, which means they are leaving a lot of money on the table.

The Workshop
The goal of this workshop is to show you HOW TO APPLY all six marketing pillars on a consistent basis, so you attract a constant stream of new patients, but more importantly a constant stream of IDEAL PATIENTS.

I will also explain how you can attract more A & B type patients and repel more C & D type patients by thinking about your STRATEGY before your TACTICS. Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, team and event sponsorships, newspaper and radio are all good marketing tactics, but less effective without a good strategy.

Diagnosis Before Prescription
No health practitioner would write a prescription or treatment plan for a patient without first doing an exam. Once this is complete, you would give your diagnosis. Creating a marketing plan for your business is no different. Think of tactics as the prescription or treatment plan, and your strategy as the diagnosis.

You must first diagnose what your business wants and needs, then write the correct prescription to fulfill them. Imagine giving a patient a prescription without a proper diagnosis? That would be crazy, but that’s what tactical market is without strategic marketing, it’s craziness.

S-T-A-R Marketing Plan
At this workshop, you will leave with the beginning of your first STAR Marketing Plan.

  • (S) Strategy
  • (T) Tactics
  • (A) Apply
  • (R) Review

I will help you think strategy first, tactics second, and then guide you through the process of how you apply the six pillars of marketing correctly. And finally, when this is all in place, you need to know how to review your results so you can make tweaks as needed.


Early Bird price (until 31st March 2019) – £185+ VAT

Standard price – £215+ VAT

Thursday 10th October 2019

Liverpool TBC

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