Virtual Podiatrist

Attract more of the right patients automatically.

Virtual Podiatrist was created by Clinical Podiatrist and Podiatry business owner Mr. Damian Gough. Following a conversation with a GP, who referred patients presenting with an ankle sprain to a Physiotherapist, Damian became determined for Podiatry to become the “Go-To” for all foot and ankle problems.

Originally the Virtual Podiatrist website was created just for Damian’s practice. After showing the site to his Podiatry colleagues it was suggested that he could create a version just for patients without the medical information. A website called YourFootPain was created which was the same site but without the medical information. In the first six weeks Damian tracked 19 new patient bookings through the site.

Following positive user feedback, Virtual Podiatrist and YourFootPain are now available to other practices feature unique, user friendly diagnostic tools designed to drive patients to you practice.. Doctors love that it is “informative and easy to use”, and Podiatry practices showing it to them have found “at the doctors lunch your website really stole the limelight. They were very interested, and asked lots of questions”. Patients using the Your Foot Pain website have said “I had no idea you could help”, and “it’s so easy to use, even on my mobile”.

Share your link to Virtual Podiatrist with your referrers and help them diagnose their patient’s foot complaint, recommend a referral to you and print out relevant foot health information with your practice branding.

Alternatively, through your practice branded Your Foot Pain website, the general public can go online and check the possible cause of their foot pain which features consumer level foot care information and how to book a consultation.

Working on your business you will have come to realise the importance and benefit of education based marketing, developing strategic alliances, expanding your database, building likeability and trust, and demonstrating that you are the expert.

We are achieving this with these websites, and so can you.

We have a special offer for OSGO Members, which is £200 to have the websites rebranded for your practice, and includes 3 months hosting and upgrades. Included with your subscription is a £200 voucher towards continued hosting and support which is just £490 for twelve months.

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Virtual Podiatrist and Your Foot Pain are websites that feature unique, user friendly diagnostic tools designed to drive patients to you practice.

The sites are personalised to match your practice branding, and provide a trustworthy source of information about foot and ankle problems.

Virtual Podiatrist website for referrers:

  • Meet and engage with your local referrers and provide them with a link and clickable icon to your branded Virtual Podiatrist website.
  • They have access to diagnostic tips for over 30 foot and ankle conditions, so they can look up a problem, diagnose and refer immediately while the patient is in the room.
  • Virtual Podiatrist provides your practice branded information handouts they can immediately print out or email to their patient.
  • Reliable, up-to-date and reputable medical information is provided to clinicians and is designed to ensure appropriate referral without delay.
  • The information will be updated by Virtual Podiatrist in line with current trends and research.
  • An invitation to use Virtual Podiatrist is a winning proposition, providing education based marketing to both your referrers and their patients.

Your Foot Pain website for patients:

  • Subscribe and get a second website linked to your own with your practice branding and colours.
  • Your Foot Pain has the same great user interface, but no medical information.
  • Add the link to your current website to increase engagement.
  • You provide web visitors and patients with a unique tool to find out the possible cause of their pain.
  • A Call to action on every page encourages visitors to book an appointment and can be linked to online booking portals.
  • Our “Email This Page” feature captures users email addresses and adds them to your Mailchimp account.