TryCare Supplies

Osgo is absolutely delighted to be announcing our new partnership with Trycare Supplies. We have looked high and low for the right partner, combining our passion for value and service.

Trycare stocks over 28,000 chiropody and dental products and are an independent dealer supplying consumable items to thousands of dentists and podiatrists in the UK. You may have noticed that we now have a large number of new products on the website – we knew that you needed more products for your practice and we found the solution. Whatever you need, you can get it from Trycare. We have of course negotiated the Osgo discount on the whole range of products but especially on our core range of products which are widely used in private practice.

Trycare aim to be unique, innovative and best in class. Like Osgo, they are focussed on taking away the daily strains that you face within your business by delivering high quality, tried and tested treatment pathway solutions alongside all of your product requirements.

Many of their products are award winning and advocated by some of the Key Opinion Leaders and leading specialists from all over the world.

Trycare work with high quality professionals who care about the quality of their work and patient outcomes and, most importantly, increased productivity with fewer errors and retreatments at the heart of what they do. The trusted Trycare suppliers deliver the highest levels of customer service and offer exceptional value for money.

Trycare’s core values, trust and integrity are always at the heart of what they do and they remain constant throughout all their they do – they call it “The Trycare Way”.

See for yourself what the Trycare Way can do for your practice.