The image and brand of podiatry has no greater advocate than the professionals themselves and their pride in their profession.

It is an exciting time to be a podiatrist in the UK, but also perhaps a time of the greatest uncertainty for the profession. As always, there will be some winners and some losers from the changes to that have happened and are set to happen in the near future. Let’s start with the good … Continued

Anyone working via an intermediary can be caught by IR35 HOW DO I KNOW IF IR35 APPLIES? IR35 is tax legislation which was written to prevent an individual from paying less tax and national insurance, by providing their services as a Company, rather than as an employee. An associate of a Podiatry practice would be … Continued

Podiatrists, are we competing with the wrong people? For any business to flourish, it must understand where it sits in the market place, who its competitors are, and on what grounds they can best compete. Podiatry is a relatively small profession in the UK, and over half of the practicing podiatrists are engaged in some … Continued

Is your business really just a job? Systemising your practice may be the answer for you having more time and getting what you want from your business. Why? Systemising your business can allow you much more freedom, and will make the business itself have its own value. A business that works even when you are … Continued

Podiatry – The Brand

Podiatry – The Future of The Brand What is a brand? A logo? A type font? A vision, or an aspiration? Perhaps one of the most useful contemporary definitions comes from the founder of Amazon: “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” – Jeff Bezos This can be a … Continued

Starting in Private Practice

If you are considering venturing into the world of private practice, this video is essential viewing. It takes a look at what challenges and decisions await. The video looks at the personal perspective of a podiatrist, and helps form strategies for deciding how a private practice will operate. Topics include: Motivation, how to find yours. … Continued

It’s all about return on investment, but what are you investing? It is a phrase we all hear, and one we all think we have an understanding of, but can we ever truly realise what the potential return on any investment is? To begin we need to understand what is an investment, it can be … Continued

Your Greatest Asset

It’s a well-known mantra for many business people, income follows assets. Common advice follows that we should, in order to be financially successful, build our assets to be greater than our liabilities. Of course that is common sense, but understanding what our assets truly are takes a little more thought. Another principle to consider before … Continued

Chirocaine for Podiatrists

Podiatrists who have the appropriate annotation to administer local anaesthetics in the course of their practice have the choice of a number of agents available to them. In private practice, the majority of practitioners have elected to use Scandonest cartridges, and this has been readily available from a number of suppliers. Recently there has been … Continued


Promoting The Profession in The Social Media Age: The image and brand of podiatry has no greater advocate than the professionals themselves and their pride in their profession. The Digital Revolution Hashtags, likes, retweets, vines, gifs, shareable content are terms that have found their way into our everyday language in a very short space of … Continued