Can we win together with social media?

Most of us would agree that one of the biggest challenges facing our profession is that people with foot problems don’t make a podiatrist their first port of call. We know that we could help more people and prevent further problems by podiatric intervention occurring at an early stage, but how do we project this message to the population.


The digital revolution is still really in its infancy, and we are yet to fully exploit the potential of new platforms such as social media. There are untested strategies that could potentially allow the projection of messages to an entire nation for a fraction of the cost that traditional media would attract.


Facebook is currently the most social media platform, and offers a very real opportunity to promote our profession, and our individual practices too. A focussed approach could mean that the cumulative effect of a coordinated strategy could reach millions of people with a low burden of cost upon each podiatrist. Most private practitioners have a Facebook page, and many have one associated with their practice. The short video on this page examines how quickly the numbers can grow if 1 in 10 UK podiatrists posted an piece of media about podiatry and put a nominal resource behind promoting it to their page likers and their friends.


Perhaps this strategy is the future for promoting podiatry, and it is certainly more achievable than a national TV campaign, we just need to each execute our own promotion. There are a variety of resources available on the Facebook page that can be used to promote our great profession, don’t delay, share one today.