The image and brand of podiatry has no greater advocate than the professionals themselves and their pride in their profession.

Hashtags are one of the best marketing tools available for podiatrists to harness social power to spark engagement with their customers, but sometimes it can look like a whole new world. Using them however is easier than you might think – here are our top three mistakes to avoid when using hashtags.   Mistake #1 … Continued


Osgo are delighted to announce a gift to the profession of a new website (NOTE: Live ETA Wed 3rd August) which will promote podiatry to the general public. As you may have guessed, it’s no ordinary website, it’s a beautifully designed dynamic website that streams the latest podiatry social media content on its social … Continued

Most of us would agree that one of the biggest challenges facing our profession is that people with foot problems don’t make a podiatrist their first port of call. We know that we could help more people and prevent further problems by podiatric intervention occurring at an early stage, but how do we project this … Continued

When Price Doesn’t Match Value In the world of healthcare price and value are quite emotive subjects. While market forces will always be at play, the UK has a history of healthcare which has been wrapped up in NHS provision and the cost of healthcare has been hidden from most of the population. Of course, … Continued

Facebook Adverts Update

Facebook Adverts Update Have you ever tried promoting your posts through facebook? It is a vital way of reaching your existing and new patient base. It allows you to get in front of your patients, their friends and local community when they are most likely to engage with you.   Facebook is always on the … Continued

Facebook has introduced a new cover video feature that you should be embracing to show off your practice to visitors on your page. Video content is hot property right now. We all love to watch video and it gives so much more insight to a visitor than just text or a picture. A video will … Continued

A Rose by any other Name The word podiatry conjures up images in our heads, and it will be a different image for each of us, depending on lots of factors. The future strength of our profession depends upon what this image is for the majority of the general public. The world is changing at … Continued

The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Setting Up In Private Practice   Wrong location Inappropriate DIY Undervalue Your Service Advertise Rather Than Market Bend and Flex To Everyone   Location, location, location: Wrong Location? We’ve All heard it, but how does it influence the success of a podiatry practice. Choosing the right location can … Continued

Beyond the Footzone

Beyond the Footzone – Nationwide Tour Beyond the FootZone is a hands-on evening. Equip yourself with added confidence in assessment tailored to the patient. Effectively collect the essential pieces of the puzzle needed for orthotic prescription. Practice your skills in orthotic modification Course objectives and outcomes: At the end of this course, you will be … Continued

Questions to ask when designing a logo. Choosing a logo, or getting one designed is an exciting process. As a business owner it can be a seal of approval that your business is ready to meet the world. Symbols drive the world and guide our behaviour, and your logo could have a very real influence … Continued